Basic course in Heavy Machinery

The basic course for Heavy Machinery is sometimes called the “Big Course”. The course provides literal rights for all sizes and types of license required Heavy Machinery in Iceland. Icelandic Machinery rights are recognized in most parts of Europe.

The course is in 99% distance learning, only the final exam is in a classroom at Vinnuverndarnámskeið ehf, at workplaces or in a distance learning center by special agreement.

The course is always accessible, you can start it whenever suits you. Once you have registered a payment request will be sent to the company or your online bank.

Anyone who has reached the age of 16 can take the course, but in order to receive full Heavy Machine license, the person in question must be at least 17 years old and have a driving license.

Click here to view the first chapter of the course.

Participants can start the course when they want and learn when they want and you can watch the course material as often as you want. You can also solve assignment as often as you like.

The course is based on short lectures, additional material, assignments that are multiple choice questions and multiple choice question exams. The assignments must be solved and the exams passed in order to continue the course.

At the end of the course, participants can begin practical training on all types of licensed required Heavy Machines under the guidance of an instructor who has a teaching license. At the end of the practical training, an examiner is requested from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues a Heavy Machinery license. All practical training and exams take place in the workplace.

Course structure:

  1. Introduction, Occupational health and safety law, Operator license for Heavy Machinery, Registration and inspection of Heavy Machinery
  2. Occupational safety work, Risk assessment, Registration and reporting of accidents, Causal factors of accident at work, Prevention of Heavy Machinery accidents, Physical stress and Heavy Machinery, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Psychological work environment, Bullying and harassment
    – Exams: chapters 1 & 2
  3. Dangerous substances, Indoor air and ventilation, Noise at work, Lighting at work

  4. Mechanics, Hydraulic system, Batteries in Heavy Machinery, Battery charging rooms
  5. Physics in Heavy Machinery, Setup and stability of Heavy Machinery, Sling equipment
    – Exams: chapters  3 – 5
  6. Hoist wire-rope and hooks, crane controls, Signaling system and hoisting people

  7. Tower cranes and port cranes in registration category A
  8. Lattice boom cranes, telescopic boom cranes and loader cranes in registration categories B and P
  9. Overhead cranes in registration category C
  10. Basket cranes and concrete pump cranes in registration category D

     Exams: chapters 6-10 

  11. Safety in digging and earth moving

  12. Excavators and backhoe loaders in registration category E
  13. Wheel loders in registration category F
  14. Bulldozers in registration category G
  15. Road Graders in registration category H
  16. Tractors and small earth moving machinery in category I

    Exams: chapters 11-16 

  17. Forklifts and other lifting equipment in registration categories J and K
  18. Lifting people with a forklift

    – Exams: chapters 17 & 18

  19. Rollers, paving machines and road milling machines in registration categories L and M

    – Exam: chapter 19

  20. Final words and what is next?
The school encourages students to stick to their studies and usually complete 1-4 chapters per day.

Final exam

Final exams are held once a month in Rafmennt Stórhöfði 27, 110 Reykjavík.

The next exams will be held: 

    • 18.10.23. kl. 16:00
    • 15.11.23. kl. 16:00
    • 13.12.23. kl. 16:00
    • 17.01.24. kl. 16:00

Final exams for groups at workplaces can be held by special agreement.

It is also possible to take final exams in distance learning centers in rural areas by special agreement.

Price and information

The course costs ISK 59,900.

Discounts are given for groups.

Most unions, Virk, Rafmennt, Iðan and Vinnumálastofnun provide grants for the course.